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Henry Small Sofa

Henry Medium Sofa

Fern Medium Sofa

Harriet Small Sofa

Harriet Medium Sofa

Agatha Small Sofa

Agatha Medium Sofa

Cartwright Small Sofa

Cartwright Medium Sofa

Leon Small Sofa

Noah Small Sofa

Robin Medium Sofa

Robin Large Sofa

Hartfield Small Sofa

Ferdinand Small Sofa

Ferdinand Medium Sofa

Ferdinand Large Sofa

Zachary Medium Sofa

Zachary Large Sofa

Sephy Small Sofa

Sephy Medium Sofa

Helena Small Sofa

Philo Medium Sofa

Grace Medium Sofa

1-24 of 30

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A two-seater sofa is a favourite choice of many families. Whether it’s standalone or paired with a larger sofa or armchair, a two-seater sofa is a versatile piece that can be used in many different rooms. Sit back and relax on the two squishy, soft and sinkable seat cushions of our two-seater sofas.